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Our Workshops


In this workshop, you create different products for sale, as well as custom orders for individual clients. You can also work on your own wood- and metalworking project ideas, all the way from planning, blueprinting and creating the product.


In this workshop, you’ll learn to use the following tools; planer/surface planer, circular saw, bandsaw, lathe, power drill, grinder and welsding equipment. You’ll also learn the processes for coating, painting, varnishing, and waxing. Most importantly, you will also learn about workplace safety.


You’ll be learning to cook healthy and versatile everyday meals with the help of coach guidance. The youth plan and produce cheap and healthy meals, pastries and catering services, while taking special diets into consideration. You can also create meals based on your own ideas and wishes.


Our kitchen is a homely work environment, which grants a safe and comfortable space to practice, perhaps for a future career or just for your everyday life. The experimental, learning-oriented atmosphere is the key. Alongside cooking creating menus, and practicing keeping your workspace clean, you’ll learn how to create grocery lists and budget. You can also try and practice catering services in a small scale for meetings and events.


In Media workshop, you get to work on your own projects and client works. For the latter, this may include creating posters and flyers, photo editing, planning and creating social media posts, filming and video-editing. The marketing materials for the Youth Workshop are produced here, from posters to business cards. The workshop also updates and upkeeps the website for the workshop, as well as producing content for it. We also have 3D-printer.


You’ll learn to use different kinds of free programs and apps, so you may be able to utilize what you’ve learned later on in education and/or work. The tools in media shop include Digital cameras, videocameras, laptops, drawing tablets and separate screens. You also have access to a large format printer. In this workshop, everyone gets to plan and/or update their own CV, and practice using the apps utilized for it. The workshop also has a file, where you can find and choose assignments to practice with by yourself. The assignments are tailored according to the youth’s needs and future plans.



In this workshop, you design, create, and repair different kinds of textile products. The youth take part in all phases of the process. You’ll also get to create products for sale for the workshop, as well as work on client orders. The techniques used/learned in this workshop include knitting, sewing, crochet, felting, macrame, and fabric printing. You can also create jewelry using Fimo-clay, shrink plastic and pearls. You may also do clothing- and product repairs as client work.

In this workshop, you get to practice clothing repairs and maintenance, as well as creating products from start to finish with instructions and guidance.  The textile shop also may create small scale mass-products for different organizations and events, typically from recycled materials.


In art workshop, you get to express yourself and your artistic ideas, as well as practice new techniques using new tools. You can draw, paint, block print, create comics, sculpt using fimo-clay or paper mache, or generally craft using all sorts of different materials. You can also utilize the large format printer for making posters or canvas prints.


By learning different art techniques, you’ll gain usable skills for different professions, for example graphic design or surface treatment jobs. The workshop has instructions and guidance for practicing different techniques, either by yourself or in groups.

In all of Taitoverstas workshops, you have a chance to receive a small monetary grant for your personal project!

Taking the work and custom order situation of our workshops into consideration, we may take different projects and custom orders to work together on with the youth. These may include different, small scale garden work, clean up duties, event arranging and decorating, taking part in events, as well as other customer service- and sales tasks. (Example, Apple workshop during fall/autumn, where (Taitoverstas) worked as an apple juice distributor)


Based on the interests, needs and future plans of our youth, you can prepare for entrance exams, practice skills needed for getting accepted for education/finishing your education. Different kinds of office work and management may also be possible workshop tasks, if they support the youth’s future plans.


This workshop is meant for youths aged 16-28 whose home town is Outokumpu. The workshop’s coach Jaana  helps and supports your planning for future, with discussions and different practices. You’ll be looking for options together with your coach in your own pace, and the service lasts for as long as you need it. You’ll receive help in finding work trials and succeeding in it. Work trial is your chance to get introduced to different professions and job tasks, that can improve your skills. You’ll find your own strengths and learn important work life skills.

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